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I love working with children and believe that a semi-structured daily schedule helps provide adequate stimulation while allowing your child the chance to be creative and try new things while they discover what they enjoy doing. Our fully finished basement has been converted into a child-friendly playroom that walks out to the backyard. For fun we have a play kitchen center, a dress-up center, Barbies, cars, trucks, toy airport, dolls, doll clothes, doll high chair, doll stroller, lots of stuffed animals, musical instruments like keyboard, castanets, tambourine, xylophone, electronic drum, child-sized guitar etc.

For learning the children also have a chalk board/desk area in addition to their own table for reading, learning activities, coloring, painting, arts and crafts, and much more. Additional learning tools include a child laptop, Leap Pad with 7 learning games, developmental workbooks, a library of children’s books and "Your Baby Can Read" videos and word cards for early reading development.

For playtime we have a baby swing, rocking horse, mats for tummy time and loads of children's music for kids to sing along and dance to. We have a library of child-friendly movies, as well as FIOS for Disney Channel, cartoons, learning programs, etc. We also have a community playground in my front yard where the children can play and benefit from sunshine and healthy exercise when weather permits. Outdoor play may also include jump ropes, bubbles, bouncy balls, frisbees, wiffle balls etc.